Granted projects

Interactions of wild type and mutant p53 proteins with damaged DNA and their roles in cellular response to anticancer chemotherapy. GA AS CR IAA500040701
Principal investigator: M. Fojta, 2007-2010

Construction of novel functional nucleic acids for applications in chemical biology, catalysis and self assembly. GA CR 203/09/0317
Principal investigator: M. Fojta, 2009-2013

DNA labeling with redox markers for electrochemical sensing. Applications in analysis of nukleotide sequences and molecular diagnostic. GA AS CR IAA400040901
Principal investigator: M. Fojta, 2009-2013

Centrum biofyzikální chemie, bioelectrochemie a bioanylýzy-program Centra základního výzkumu. MEYS CR LC 06035
Principal investigator: M. Fojta, 2006-2010

Modern biophysical methods: advanced education and training in experimental biology. MEYS CR CZ.1.07/2.3.00/09.0046
Principal investigator: M. Fojta, 2010-2013

Complex interaction of oncology-related important transcription factors with target DNA in vitro and in vivo. AV CR M200040904
Principal investigator: V. Brázda, 2009-2012

Transcriptional activities of wild-type and mutant p53, decision between cell proliferation, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. GA CR 301/10/1211
Principal investigator: V. Brázda, 2009-2012

In vitro and in silico identification of non-canonical DNA structures in genomic DNA sequences. GA CR 204/08/1570
PI: M. Brázdová, co-PI: M.Lexa (FI MU), O. Fučík (FIT BUT), 2008 - 2010 (html)

The role of p53 DNA structure-selective binding in brain cancer. GACR-P301/10/2370
Principal investigator: Marie Brázdová, duration: 2010-2013

Application of electrochemical methods focused on he microanalysis of nucleic acids bases and oligonucleotides. GA AS CR IAA400040804
Principal investigator: F. Jelen, 2008-2010

Electrochemical and optical analysis of biomacromolecules at the microelectrodes modified by electroactive nanolayers. GA ASCR KAN200040651
Principal investigator: S. Hasoň, 2006-2010

Stomatological Research Center. Stomatologické výzkumné centrum. Principal investigator : J.Vaněk, Faculty of Medicine, MU. 1 M0528 Ministry of Education of the CR
Co-investigator and garant in Institute of Biophysics: V.Vetterl, 2005 - 20011.

Utilization of physical methods of investigation of nucleic acid and protein adsorption at interfaces in medical diagnosis and biocompatibility study. GA CR 202/08/1688
Principal investigator: V.Vetterl, 2008 - 2010.

Interfacial and electrochemical behavior of synthetic oligonucleotides: effects of nucleotide sequence, conformation and chemical modification. GA ASCR IAA400040903
Principal investigator: Luděk Havran 2009-2011

Interakce proteinů a nukleových kyselin s povrchy.Nové nástroje pro biomecicínu. MŠMT ME09038
Principal investigator: E. Paleček, Co-PI: prof.J.Wang 2009-2012

Nanotechnologies for protein and gene diagnostics. AS CR KAN400310651
Co-investigator: E.Palecek, 2006 - 2010

Post-doctoral grants:

Reaction of Six-valent and Eight-valent Osmium Complexes with Biomacromolecules and Their Application in Biomedicine. GA CR P301/10/P548
Principal investigator: M. Trefulka, 2010-2012

Electrochemical tools for detection of point mutations and polymorphisms in DNA. GACR 203/08/P598
Principal investigator: P.Kostečka, 2008-2010