The Department of biophysical chemistry and molecular oncology (DBCMO) studies nucleic acids (NA), proteins and other biologically important molecules in solutions and at surfaces using a wide range of biophysical and bioanalytical techniques. It is engaged in electrochemical analysis of NA and proteins, including studies of their structure, interactions or labeling and develops novel materials and approaches for electrochemical analysis as well as electrochemical biosensors. The DBCMO also investigates in greater detail relationships between the DNA structure and its interactions with proteins.

The research is focused on these areas:

  • Electrochemistry and structure of nucleic acids
  • Electrochemistry of modified nucleic acids
  • Nanostructured surfaces for biomacromolecules analysis
  • Catalytic hydrogen evolution of biomacromolecules and structure recognition of glycans in glycoprotein biomarkers
  • Structure and topology of DNA in biology of p53 family and telomeres
  • Protein-DNA interactions