Polymerase synthesis of oligonucleotides containing a single chemically modified nucleobase for site-specific redox labelling

Časopis: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 49, 4652-4654
Autoři: Menova, P., Cahova, H., Plucnara, M., Havran, L., Fojta, M., Hocek, M.
Rok: 2013


Enzymatic construction of single-nucleobase redox-labelled oligo-nucleotides was developed either based on polymerase incorporation of a single modified nucleoside triphosphate (dNTP) followed by primer extension (PEX) with natural dNTPs or based on PEX with a biotinylated one-nucleotide overhang template, magneto-separation and the second PEX with a full-length template.