Adsorptive Transfer Stripping for Quick Electrochemical Determination of microRNAs in Total RNA Samples

Časopis: ELECTROANALYSIS 26, 2558-2562
Autoři: Bartosik, M., Hrstka, R., Palecek, E., Vojtesek, B.
Rok: 2014


Electrochemical methods hold promise for fast and inexpensive determination of cancer biomarkers, including microRNAs playing an important role in regulation of gene expression. We developed a simple assay utilizing (i) microRNA labeling with osmium(VI) complexes, (ii) hybridization of microRNA with magnetic bead-immobilized capture probe, and (iii) adsorptive transfer stripping (AdTS) technique in which working electrode is dipped into a microliter-sized drop for direct adsorption of microRNA. Increased sensitivity and decreased sample consumption was achieved, and nanogram quantities of microRNA present in 500-fold excess of total RNA were determined. Our results indicate only negligible interference during hybridization from other RNA molecules.