Electrochemical Evaluation of Extremely-Low Frequency Magnetic Field Effects on Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria

Časopis: FOLIA BIOLOGICA 58, 44-48
Autoři: Fojt, L., Vetterl, V.
Rok: 2012


The effects of 50 Hz magnetic fields on sulphate-reducing bacteria viability were studied electrochemically. Two types of graphite electrodes (pyrolytic and glassy carbon) covered with whole bacterial cells behind a dialysis membrane were used for electrochemical measurements. We found about 15% decrease of reduction peak current density (which indicates desulphurization activity of the bacterial cells their metabolic activity) on cyclic voltammograms after magnetic field exposure compared to the control samples. We suppose that the magnetic field does not influence the metabolic activity (desulphurization) of sulphate-reducing bacteria but most probably causes bacterial death.