Silver electrode as a sensor for determination of zinc in cell cultivation medium

Autoři: Kizek, R., Trnkova, L., Sevcikova, S., Smarda, J., Jelen, F.
Rok: 2002


Use of the silver electrode as a sensor for the monitoring of zinc in cell growth medium is described. Zinc at silver electrodes provides specific voltammetric signal, which is affected by solution components. Signals of zinc ions in phosphate buffer solutions with and without cell growth medium were compared. Common DMEM cell culture medium was used for the cultivation of a cell line of v-myb-transformed chicken monoblasts and its variants expressing v-jun and c-jun in a zinc-dependent manner. Electrochemical results showed zinc concentrations in the medium coincide very well with the jun expression. With respect to the low toxicity of silver for eukaryotic cells, silver electrodes represent promising tools for the determination of zinc concentrations in vivo without the potential risk of a cell culture damage. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science.