Application of avidin-biotin technology and adsorptive transfer stripping square-wave voltammetry for detection of DNA hybridization and avidin in transgenic avidin maize

Časopis: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 75, 2663-2669
Autoři: Masarik, M., Kizek, R., Kramer, KJ., Billova, S., Brazdova, M., Vacek, J., Bailey, M., Jelen, F., Howard, JA.
Rok: 2003


The proteins streptavidin and avidin were electrochemically detected in solution by adsorptive transfer stripping square wave voltammetry (AdTS SWV) at a carbon paste electrode (CPE). AdTS SWV was used to quantify biotinylated oligonucleotides, DNA hybridizations, and avidin in extracts of transgenic avidin maize. The detection limits of denatured and native streptavidin were 6 pM and 120 nM, respectively. The results demonstrated that streptavidin/avidin AdTS SWV is a sensitive and specific method for quatifying DNA and proteins in biological samples such as foods and tissue extracts, including genetically modified crops (avidin maize) and other plants in neighboring fields.