Radii of Redox Components from Absolute Redox Potentials Compared with Covalent and Aqueous Ionic Radii

Časopis: ELECTROANALYSIS 22, 903-907
Autoři: Heyrovska, R.
Rok: 2010


Aqueous standard potentials, referred to that of the SHE as zero, were recently shown to vary linearly with gaseous ionization potentials, with the absolute potential of SHE as the intercept. This enabled arriving at the absolute redox potentials of elements. Here, the distances between the oxidized and reduced forms in aqueous solutions have been evaluated. From the linear dependence of these distances on the covalent radii of atoms, the radii of the redox components have been obtained. The latter also vary linearly with the aqueous ionic radii estimated earlier from ion-water distances, and indicate the presence of aqueous molecular anions.