Electroactivity of nonconjugated proteins and peptides. Towards electroanalysis of all proteins

Časopis: ELECTROANALYSIS 19, 2383-2403
Autoři: Palecek, E., Ostatna, V.
Rok: 2007


Present proteomics and biomedicine require sensitive analytical methods for all proteins. Recent progress in electrochemical analysis of peptides and proteins based on their intrinsic electroactivity is reviewed. Tyrosine and/or tryptophan-containing proteins are oxidizable at carbon electrodes. At mercury electrodes all peptides and proteins (about 13 peptides and >25 proteins were tested) produce chronopotentiometric peak H at nanomolar concentrations. This peak is sensitive to changes in protein structure. Microliter sample volumes are sufficient for the analysis. Electrochemical methods can be used in studies of nucleic acid-protein interactions and can be applied in biomedicine. Examples of such applications in neurogenerative diseases and cancer are presented.