Dependences of molar volumes in solids, partial molal and hydrated ionic volumes of alkali halides on covalent and ionic radii and the golden ratio

Časopis: CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 436, 287-293
Autoři: Heyrovska, R.
Rok: 2007


New linear dependences are presented here for the volumes of alkali halides in crystals and in aqueous solutions: (1) the molar volumes in solids (V degrees(B)) and the partial molal volumes (phi(v)degrees) in aqueous solutions on the sums of crystal ionic volumes, V(M+,X-) (2)phi(v)degrees on V-B degrees(3) phi(v)degrees on the sum of aqueous ionic volumes, V(M+,X-)(aq) and (4) phi(v)degrees, V-B degrees, (M+, X (-))(cr), V(M+, X-) and volume sum of he hydrated ions, phi(v)degrees (M+, X-), on the sum of atomic volumes V(M, X)(cov) based on covalent radii. All ionic radii are based on the Golden ratio. The volumes due to electrostriction and ionic hydration have also been estimated. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.