Optical analysis of adsorption sensitivity of titanium, Ti-6Al-4V, and Ti-35Nb-6Ta

Časopis: APPLIED OPTICS 51, C32-C37
Autoři: Penttinen, N., Hason, S., Vanek, J., Silvennoinen, R.
Rok: 2012


Here we report the optical analysis of protein adsorption sensitivity of titanium (Ti), Ti6Al4V, and Ti35Nb6Ta. The optical sensor used was a diffractive optical element based sensor, which analyzes magnitude and coherence of probe beam reflected from the measured surfaces. Also, the roughness and other necessary parameters were taken into account on the final verdict. The material Ti35Nb6Ta showed positive initial reaction to the human plasma fibrinogen, which was the protein used. The Ti35Nb6Ta was observed to be more active than the grade 2 titanium. (C) 2012 Optical Society of America