Semester courses of DMBP

UniversityTitle of the lecture
Viktor BrabecPalacký University, Olomouc
Physical properties of nucleic acids
Biophysics seminar 1
Structure of biomolecules
Structure, properties and function of nucleic acids
Molecular biology of mutagens
Jana KašpárkováPalacký University, Olomouc
Experimental methods in biophysics
Molecular biophysics
Molecular biology of mutagens
Oldřich VránaMasaryk University, BrnoExperimental methods in biophysics
Olga NovákováMasaryk University, BrnoSelected topics in applied biophysics (seminar)

The most important projects and collaboration of DMBP with universities

  1. Centre for biomolecular research, investigator coordinator J. Koča (PřF MU), investigator V. Brabec
  2. Doctoral project GA ČR 204/03/H016 “Structural biophysics of macromolecules” (2003-2007), investigator V. Brabec, J. Koča (PřF MU) co-investigator
  3. Doctoral project GA ČR 301/09/H004 “Molecular and structural biology of selected cytostatics. From mechanistic studies to cancer chemotherapy” (2009-2012), J. Koča (PřF MU) co-investigator