Increasing DNA reactivity and in vitro antitumor activity of trans diiodido Pt(II) complexes with UVA light

Autoři: Navas, F., Perfahl, S., Garino, C., Salassa, L., Novakova, O., Navarro-Ranninger, C., Bednarski, PJ., Malina, J., Quiroga, AG.
Rok: 2015


Trans diiodido platinum(II) complexes beating the same as well as different aliphatic amines (mixed-amines) have interesting biological activity; cytotoxicity and interactions with some important biological models have already been demonstrated. Herein we described the interaction of such compounds with ct-DNA, supercoiled and linearized plasmid DNA and 5-GMP. Interestingly, UV irradiation of these compounds results in an increase in reactivity towards DNA and 5-GMP in such model systems. Additionally, the cytotoxicity of the trans-Pt(II) complexes towards human cancer cells is noticeably increased when treatment is combined for 90 min with UVA-irradiation. With this work we provide evidence that trans diiodido compounds can be activated by UV-light over relatively short treatment times. (C) 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.