The laboratory is presently equipped with several computer clusters of different architecture for a wide range of MD and QMapplications. The newest computer cluster cloud consists of four separate units. The first cluster is composed of 36 nodes with total number of 432 1.9 GHz E5-2420 Xeon cores with 0.8 TB of memory. Second unit dedicated for memory-demanding jobs comprises 12 nodes with 144 1.9 GHz E5-2420 Xeon CPU cores, each one having 96 GB of RAM memory. The third one is a GPU cluster composed of 8 clients with more than 8,000 GPU cores and 48 GB of GDDR5 memory. The last cluster consists of 12 separate nodes each one having 48 AMD Opteron 6238 2.6 GHz CPU cores with more than 60 TB of storage capacity at total. All computing units are interconnected and communicate via fast Gigabit network operated by Cisco SG500-52 switch. There are three additional older clusters. The first cluster contains 15 nodes with a total number of 30 CPUs (Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz), the second contains 30 nodes with a total number of 120 primitive (core) CPUs (AMD Opteron 285 and AMD Opteron 2220 DualCore), and the last one contains 43 nodes with a total number of 344 core CPUs (Intel Xeon E5430 QuadCore). Additional upgrade of the equipment is scheduled for 2013. We have access also to some external resources.