Thanks for the collection of material donations for Ukraine

7. 3. 2022

We would like to thank all our colleagues from the Institute of Biophysics for the large number of material donations that were transported by the Scout organization to the Slovak border with Ukraine on Friday. Also, we would like to thank our French colleagues for providing funds for the purchase of material humanitarian donations and incoming people supporting our collection.


There is a Scout international organization WFIS (, which also brings together Scout organizations that help to find things for Ukraine. Material donations were taken away by volunteers from Scouting - Czech Scouting ABS. Communication with Ukrainian Scouts is taken care of by the Union of Scouts and Girl Scouts of the Czech Republic, which stores things in Jevíčko. Ukrainian scouts from Uzhhorod then have a member who operates road transport, provides transport to Ukraine and distributes aid directly to and where it is needed. Associations Scouts - Czech Scouting ABS, Union of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic, and Uzhhorod Scouts are members of WFIS.