Open Data and IT Network Rules

The establishment of scientific repositories in the Czech Republic was created on the basis of the "Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Strategy of Open Access to Scientific Information for 2017-2020", which was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic on 29 April 2019.

Scientific information mean the results of science and research; it most often includes scientific publications, and their research data (data obtained during research, which usually serves as a basis for scientific publications). A repository is a computer system that stores digital information with basic metadata describing the meaning and origin of the information and helping to use original scientific data.

The original raw data can be found in the repository of the IBP. The access of foreign entities to the IBP repository will be established upon agreement of the corresponding author and on the basis of identity verification. Access to the repository is governed by the Rule for the Administration of the Computer Network of the Institute and the Rule for the Operation of the Computer Network.

Data Management Plan

EPINUK project (.pdf)