Comparison of the X and Y chromosome organization in Silene latifolia

Časopis: GENETICS 170, 1431-1434
Autoři: Zluvova, J., Janousek, B., Negrutiu, I., Vyskot, B.
Rok: 2005


Here we compare gene orders on the Sitene latijolia sex chromosomes. On the basis of the deletion mapping results (I I markers and 23 independent Y chromosome deletion lines used), we conclude that a part of the Y chromosome (covering a region corresponding to at least 23.9 cM on the X chromosome) has been inverted. The gradient in silent-site divergence suggests that this inversion took place after the recombination arrest in this region. Because recombination arrest events followed by Y chromosome rearrangements also have been found in the human Y chromosome, this process seems to be a general evolutionary pathway.