An anther- and petal-specific gene SlMF1 is a multicopy gene with homologous sequences on sex chromosomes

Časopis: GENES & GENETIC SYSTEMS 80, 395-401
Autoři: Matsunaga, S., Lebel-Hardenack, S., Kejnovsky, E., Vyskot, B., Grant, SR., Kawano, S.
Rok: 2005


A male flower-specific gene SlMF1 was isolated from male flower buds of the dioecious plant Silene latifolia. SlMF1 is expressed in all the floral meristems at the very early stage of development in both male and female flower buds. At the mature stage of development in male flower buds, SlMF1 transcripts were specifically accumulated in pollen mother cells, tapetal cells, and the developing tips of petals. Genomic Southern hybridization revealed that SlMF1 was a multicopy gene with a Y chromosome-linked homologous sequence. PCR analyses with flow-sorted chromosomes showed that SlMF1 was localized on both autosomes and the X chromosome.