Centrum informačních technologií

Head: Ing. Jan Kovařík
Technician: David Král
Librarian: Bc. Jana Poláková (MVS, ALEPH)

Standard services of the Centre:

Network (Computer & Telephone) and Computers

  • Care on operation, servicing and development of the IBP local area network (LAN)
  • Care on operation of the connection of the IBP LAN to Brno Academic Computer Network and to the Internet
  • Care on exchange and IP telephony
  • Maintenance of the IBP e-mail server, including antivirus and antispam prevention
  • Maintenance of the web server of the IBP (http://www.ibp.cz) including design and data updating
  • Common maintenance and development of computer technique (hardware and software), utilized by all projects solved at the IBP (servers, graphic workstations and simple PCs with Internet access), which is working under UNIX, MS Windows operating systems
  • Consulting services for individual projects (Expert help with solving problems connected with computer technique and computer network.)


  • Borrowing of journals and books
  • Interlibrary borrowing services
  • Acquisition of scientific literature
  • Management of scientific literature funds
  • Providing of online literature access
  • Reprographical services