BD FACSCalibur:

Flow cytometer and one-way cell sorter (sterile closed system, it is able to sort biohazardous material) equipped with two lasers (488nm and 635nm). The instrument can measure Forward and Side scatter together with four fluorescence parameters. The cytometer consists of analogue electronics, which can detect emitted photons in 1.024 channels on every detector and can sort 300 events/sec. BD CellQuest Pro software is used for the data acquisition and analysis.


BD FACSAria II Sorp:

Flow cytometer and 4-way cell sorter equipped with five independently disconnectable lasers (355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 639nm) with separated optical paths and fix optics. It uses the principle of hydrodynamic focusing in the environment of high pressure. The instrument can measure FSC, SSC and 18 fluorescence parameters at the same time and also aseptically sort particles up to 4 tubes or multiple-well plate (up to 384-wells), these can be cooled or heated on preset temperature by the connected water bath. The cytometer contains digital electronics, which can detect 70.000 events/sec. in 262.144 channels and sort the particles up to 20 μm size at speed of 40.000 events/sec. in 1.024 channels resolution. BD FACSDiva software is used for a preset of sorting, data acquisition and analysis.



Flow cytometer equipped with three lasers (405nm, 488nm and 640nm) with separated optical paths. The fluidics system uses vacuum, excitation of a sample takes place in the steel cuvette, which improves optical parameters. The instrument can measure FSC, SSC and 8 fluorescence parameters. The cytometer is fully digital and can analyse 35.000 events/sec in 262.144 channels. It contains automatic universal sample loader, which helps automatically analyse great volumes of samples (up to 40 tubes), sample can be aspirated not only from tube, but also from multi-well plate (up to 384-wells). Advanced BD FACSSuite software is used for a data acquisition and analysis, software automatically recalculates compensation of spillover of individual fluorochromes on detectors after fluorochrome implementation, so that user can change the sensitivity of detectors at will.


Responsible persons:

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Department of CytokineticsDepartment of Cytokinetics
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