Confocal Microscopy

There are 2 facilities in our Institute:

  1. Spinning disc confocal microscopy. Leica upright microscope, DMSTC motorized stage, Piezzo z-movement, MicroMax CCD camera, CSU-10 confocal unit, laser diodes (488, 562, and 714 nm) with AOTF. The equipment is controlled by the corresponding software using PC and software Acquarium developed in collaboration with MasarykUniversity.
  2. Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM). In 2009, we established new Laboratoy Cellular Biophysics that involves sorter Aria II and Leica TSC SP-5 X, equipped with WLL (470-670 nm); argon laser (488 nm) and 2 UV lasers (355 nm and 405 nm). The laboratory is equipped with cultivation chamber (5% CO2 and temperature control) that enables advanced studies of normal and tumour cells. Advanced software is used for data acquisition, 3D-analysis and FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching). Leica microscope represents a unique equipment for studies related to the biology of chromatin and DNA repair