Adsorption and 2D condensation of 5-nitrocytosine at the hanging mercury drop electrode

Journal: Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 847, 113238
Authors: Fojt L., Fojta M.
Year: 2019
ISBN: 1572-6657


For first time, we have observed the two-dimensional (2D) condensation and adsorption of 5-nitrocytosine at the hanging mercury drop electrode in different electrolytes. The 2D condensation is a special form of the self-assembled monolayers of mainly organic compounds. The 5-nitrocytosine is adsorbed in broad range of pHs (2.5 to 9.5), whereas the 2D condensation could be identified only in acidic and neutral pH (up to pH = 7.1). Three different types of condensed layers were observed, dependent on the pH, temperature and concentration of 5-nitrocytosine. The 2D condensation of 5-nitrocytosine is stabilized by different driving forces, including the short range interactions and hydrogen bonding. The effect of different electrolytes containing Cl−, Br− and I− ions onto the 2D condensation was also investigated.

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