Recent progress in the applications of boron doped diamond electrodes in electroanalysis of organic compounds and biomolecules – A review

Journal: Analytica Chimica Acta, 2019
Authors: Baluchová S., Daňhel A., Dejmková H., Ostatná V., Fojta M., Schwarzová-Pecková K.
Year: 2019


This review summarizes progress in electroanalysis of organic compounds and biomacromolecules bymeans of bare BDD-based electrodes for the period of 2009e2018. New trends, which have emerged inthe reported decade and which have improved their performance in batch voltammetric and ampero-metric methods and electrochemical detection in liquidflow techniques are commented. Importance ofBDD surface termination, effect of boron doping level, and utilization of adsorption of analytes on BDDsurfaces enabling development of adsorptive voltammetric techniques are addressed. Further, possibil-ities of simultaneous determination of analytes by means of voltammetric techniques utilizing compu-tational approaches and multiple-pulse amperometric detection are discussed. Strategies leading toenhancement of sensitivity such as nanostructuring of the BDD surface, fabrication of BDD-based composite materials or new approaches in construction of microelectrodes and microelectrode arrays forbiosensing represent another area of interest. Attention is paid to possibilities in detection of aminoacids, peptides and proteins, nucleobases, nucleos(t)ides and DNA/RNA.

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