Developmental regulation of the maize Zm-g60.1 gene encoding a beta-glucosidase located to plastids

Časopis: PLANTA 210, 407-415
Autoři: Kristoffersen, P., Brzobohaty, B., Hohfeld, I., Bako, L., Melkonian, M., Palme, K.
Rok: 2000


A beta-glucosidase that cleaves the biologically inactive hormone conjugates cytokinin-O- and kinetin-N3-glucosides is encoded by the maize Zm-p60.1 gene. The expression of the Zm-p60.1 gene was analyzed by Northern blot analysis and in-situ hybridization. It was found that the expression levels of the Zm-p60.1-specific mRNA changed after pollination of carpellate inflorescences. The Zm-p60.1 cDNA was expressed in E. coli and antibodies were raised against this protein. An antibody was used to determine the tissue-specific localization of this protein. By in situ immunolocalization experiments, this protein was found to be located in cell layers below the epidermis and around the vascular bundles of the coleoptile. In the primary leaf, the Zm-p60.1 protein was detected in cells of the outermost cell layer and around the vascular tissue. In floral tissue, Zm-p60.1 was present in the glumes, the carpels and in the outer cell layer of the style. In coleoptiles, as determined by immuno-electronmicroscopy, the Zm-p60.1 protein was located exclusively in the plastids.