Loss of PTEN Facilitates Rosiglitazone-Mediated Enhancement of Platinum(IV) Complex LA-12-Induced Apoptosis in Colon Cancer Cells

Časopis: PLOS ONE 10
Autoři: Laukova, J., Kozubik, A., Hofmanova, J., Nekvindova, J., Sova, P., Moyer, MP., Ehrmann, J., Vaculova, AH.
Rok: 2015


We demonstrated for the first time an outstanding ability of rosiglitazone to mediate a profound enhancement of LA-12-induced apoptosis associated with activation of mitochondrial pathway in human colon cancer cells. This effect was preferentially observed in the G1 cell cycle phase, independent on p53 and PPAR. proteins, and accompanied with significant changes of selected Bcl-2 family protein levels. Further stimulation of cooperative synergic cytotoxic action of rosiglitazone and LA-12 was demonstrated in the cells deficient for PTEN, where mitochondrial apoptotic pathway was more stimulated and G1-phase-associated dying was reinforced. Our results suggest that combined treatment with rosiglitazone and LA-12 might be promising anticancer strategy in colon-derived tumours regardless of their p53 status, and also favourable in those defective in PTEN function.