Differential effects of v-Jun and C-Jun proteins on v-myb-transformed monoblasts

Autoři: Sevcikova, S., Soucek, K., Kubala, L., Bryja, V., Smarda, J.
Rok: 2002


The v-myb oncogene of avian myeloblastosis virus transforms myelomonocytic cells in vitro. The line of v-myb-transformed chicken monoblasts BM2 can be induced to terminal differentiation using phorbol esters. The fact that Jun proteins are up-regulated in the phorbol ester-treated BM2 cells prompted us to investigate the role of the Jun proteins in regulation of myeloid differentiation. We ectopically expressed v-jun and c-jun in BM2 cells and evaluated their effects on differentiation and proliferation. c-Jun up-regulated the transactivation activity of v-Myb and induced a proliferation block and differentiation of BM2 cells. In contrast, v-Jun down-regulated v-Myb transactivation causing no dramatic effects on BM2 cells. This confirms that there is no strong correlation between transcriptional activation and strength of oncogenic transformation by v-Myb. Both c-Jun and v-Jun proteins affected sensitivity of BM2 cells to retinoic acid and phorbol ester. Sensitivity of BM2 cells to retinoic acid was enhanced by both Jun proteins, while sensitivity to phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate was reduced by v-Jun. These data suggest thate Jun plays a major role in macrophage differentiation.