Tumor-host interactions accompanying the growth of the G : 5 : 113 fibrosarcoma in the mouse: Possibilities for a new therapeutic approach?

Časopis: CANCER INVESTIGATION 21, 227-236
Autoři: Hoferova, Z., Vacek, A., Hofer, M., Mackova, NO., Soucek, K., Egyed, A., Fedorocko, P.
Rok: 2003


The experiments were aimed at describing in detail some interactions between a solid tumor growing from subcutaneously transplanted G:5:113 fibrosarcoma cells in vivo and its mouse host. The tumor was found to elevate significantly the number of granulocytes in the peripheral blood of the host after having achieved the volume of about I cm(3) (day 40 after transplantation). Blood plasma from fibrosarcoma-bearing mice stimulated proliferation of progenitor cells for granulocytes and macrophages (GM-CFC) in vitro and suppressed growth of G:5:113 cell population in culture. Interestingly, both effects were observable as early as week I when the tumor was still macroscopically invisible and unpalpable. Conditioned medium from cultures of G:5:113 fibrosarcoma cells stimulated proliferation of GM-CFC in vitro. These findings might represent a starting point for studies aimed at designing new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of fibrosarcoma.