TRAIL and docosahexaenoic acid cooperate to induce HT-29 colon cancer cell death

Časopis: CANCER LETTERS 229, 43-48
Autoři: Vaculova, A., Hofmanova, J., Andera, L., Kozubik, A.
Rok: 2005


The resistance of some cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis is a major obstacle in successful clinical application of this cytokine. Combination treatment with agents capable of sensitising the cells to TRAIL effects is beneficial for new cancer treatment strategies. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is under intense investigation for its ability to affect cancer cell growth and apoptosis. We demonstrated a modulation of TRAIL-induced apoptosis of HT-29 human colon cancer cells by DHA on the molecular (pro-caspase-3, -8, Bid, PARP cleavage) and cellular (cell viability and adhesion) level. To conclude, TRAIL and DHA were shown to cooperate in the induction of colon cancer cell apoptosis. (C) 2005 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.