Hsp90 inhibitor Geldanamycin increases the sensitivity of resistant ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line A2780cis to cisplatin

Časopis: NEOPLASMA 54, 127-130
Autoři: Solar, P., Horvath, V., Kleban, J., Koval, J., Solarova, Z., Kozubik, A., Fedorocko, P.
Rok: 2007


Ovarian carcinoma is the leading cause of death among gynecological neoplasms in the world. The chemoresistance is a major obstacle in the effective treatment of ovarian and other cancers. We evaluated the effects of Hsp90 inhibitor geldanamycin (GEL) alone and in combination with cisplatin in cisplatin resistant ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line. Our results showed Akt depletion and S-phase arrest of A2780cis cells after GEL treatment. Combined exposure of A2780cis cells to GEL and cisplatin resulted in greater than additive cytotoxic effect.