Kozubík Alois, prof., RNDr., CSc.

Klapka: +420 541-517- 182, 168, 166
Email: kozubik@ibp.cz



Date of birth: 9. 10. 1952,  (married, two children)

Education: Faculty of Sciences Masaryk university, Brno - animal physiology (1972 -  1977), since 1977 - Institute of Biophysics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Brno,  postgraduate studies, 1979 - doctor (RNDr.) degree,1984 – PhD. degree in Biophysics

2000 - habilitation - Assoc. Professor - Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk university, Brno
Employment: 1989 - research worker, 1993 - senior research worker


Current position:  head of the

1) Department of Cytokinetics,  Instituteof Biophysics, CAS, v.v.i. (since 1994)

2) Department of Animal Physiology and Immunology, Masaryk University, Brno

    (since 2005)


Language skills:english, russian


Research topics:Regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis (tissue homeostasis) of both normal and tumor cell populations, anticancer therapy, ecotoxicology, radiation biology. The role of metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially eicosanoids) in cytokine signaling in both normal and tumor cell populations

Publications:author or coauthor of over 135  full length original papers (more than 100  in reputable journals) and 350 lectures and contributions both in the Czech Republic and at the international meetings. 2 Review Charpters, and 4  invited review articles, approx.900 cit. (according to SCI)


Guest Co-Editors-in-Chief - Mitochondrion – an official Journal of the Mitochondria Research Society,


Scientific visits:Lab. de Pharmacol. et de Toxicol. Fondamentales, CNRS, Toulouse, France(1992)


Educational topics:teacher at

1)  Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk University, Brno

2)  PalackýUniversity, Olomouc(external teacher)


Supervisor of graduate and undergraduate students (diploma students 7, PhD students 10)


Member of section commitees  in

1) Department of Animal Physiology and Immunology, Faculty of Science, Masaryk   University, Brno

2) Environmental Chemistry at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno

3) Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University, Brno(2007- continuing)


Garant of discipline Physiology and Immunology (since 2006 - continuing)                                                                             

Memberships in scientific organisation and institutions:

Cofounder and President (2000-2007) of the Czech Society for Analytical Cytology

Memberof the European Tissue Culture Society (ETCS)

International Society of Preventive Oncology (ISPO)

International Society of Advanced Cytometry (ISAC)

European Association for Cancer Research (EARC) 

Czech Tissue Culture Society



Chairman of  Commissions and Subcommissions of the GrantAgencyof the CzechRepublic.

1997 – 1999, Member and Chairman of Subcommission 524  (Physiol. and Pathophysiol. of Animals)

1997 – 1999, Member of Subcommission 524

1998 -- 1999, Chairman of Commission 524


2005 – 2007, Member and Chairman of Subcommission 524  (Physiol. and  Pathophysiol. of Animals)  

2005 – 2007, Member of Commission 524

2006 – 2007, Chairman of Commission 524


Advisory board- vice supervisor - Instituteof Biophysics, CAS, v.v.i., Brno(since 2008 - continuing)


Memberof scientific councils of

2002 - 2005 RECETOX (Research Centre for Atmospheric and Environmental   Chemistry and Ecotoxicology), Brno

2001 - 2005  P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia

2003 - 2005 Masaryk Memorial Inst. Brno

Veterinary Inst. Brno (since 2008 - continuing)


Organization of Conferences: Member or Chairman of Organizing Committeeof National and International Conferences e.g.:

Conference of Analytical cytometryI (2001), II (2003), IV  (2007), III (2005), IV (2007), V (2009)

Mitochondria, Apoptosis and Cancer( MAC ),  EMBO worshop, Prague (2009)


Grant applications:  (Applicant or coapplicant)GA ČR, IGA AV ČR, MPO, ESF, FRVŠ (20 totally), Currently:

2005-2009IGA AV ČR IQS500040507

2005-2009 Contract - Pliva – Lachema, Ltd.

2007-2011GA ČR 301/07/1557


Award: Gold Medal of the Fac. Sci.,  P. J . ŠafárikUniversity, Košice, Slovakia.