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Publication focused on telomere sequence in genus Allium was selected by TPJ editorial board as a featured article and for the cover page image of the issue in February 2016.

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XXXVI. Moderní elektrochemické metody

New publications

Enhanced survival of lethally irradiated adenosine A(3) receptor knockout mice. A role for hematopoietic growth factors?

Hofer, M., Pospisil, M., Dusek, L., Hoferova, Z., Komurkova, D.

Interactions of DNA with a New Platinum(IV) Azide Dipyridine Complex Activated by UVA and Visible Light: Relationship to Toxicity in Tumor Cells

Pracharova, J., Zerzankova, L., Stepankova, J., Novakova, O., Farrer, NJ., Sadler, PJ., Brabec, V., Kasparkova, J.

Contrasting Patterns of Transposable Element and Satellite Distribution on Sex Chromosomes (XY1Y2) in the Dioecious Plant Rumex acetosa

Steflova, P., Tokan, V., Vogel, I., Lexa, M., Macas, J., Novak, P., Hobza, R., Vyskot, B., Kejnovsky, E.


Talianova, M., Janousek, B.

Guanine quadruplex formation by RNA/DNA hybrid analogs of Oxytricha telomere G(4)T(4)G(4) fragment

Vondruskova, J., Kypr, J., Kejnovska, I., Fialova, M., Vorlickova, M.
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Selected results

Úloha molekul ribonukleové kyseliny v buněčných procesech

Zjištění centrální role dlouho opomíjených molekul RNA v klíčových biologických procesech v posledních 25 letech je považováno za jeden z největších převratů v biologii.

Mechanisms of DNA binding by tumor suppressor protein p53

Recognition of specific binding sites in DNA by the tumor suppressor protein p53 is given not only by nucleotide sequence of the binding site, but also by local and global DNA structure.

Plant Genetics in Brno

Electroactive labeling of DNA and PNA by osmium tetroxide complexes

The labeling reaction can be performed in any biochemical or biological laboratory without any special requirements for equipment or expertise.

Osmium tetroxide, 2,2'-bipyridine (Os,bipy): Electroactive marker for probing accessibility of tryptophan residues in proteins.

Os,bipy forms at physiological conditions electroactive covalent adducts with tryptophan residues. 

Further results