Selected results

Sequencing of telomeres in onion

Twenty years old challenge - unknown telomeric sequence in onion and garlic from genus Allium, plants with large genomes and relatively low chromosomal numbers was solved. New ″onion″ motif, (CTCGGTTATGGG)n, is the longest and the most divergent known plant telomere variant so far.

Prevence a léčba nádorů - význam buněčných signalizací

Poznání procesů buněčného dělení, diferenciace a smrti buněk je velmi aktuální a ve světě sledovanou oblastí, neboť poruchy v řízení těchto procesů mají za následek řadu chorob jako jsou např. nádorová onemocnění. 

Mechanisms of DNA binding by tumor suppressor protein p53

Recognition of specific binding sites in DNA by the tumor suppressor protein p53 is given not only by nucleotide sequence of the binding site, but also by local and global DNA structure.

Osmium tetroxide, 2,2'-bipyridine (Os,bipy): Electroactive marker for probing accessibility of tryptophan residues in proteins.

Os,bipy forms at physiological conditions electroactive covalent adducts with tryptophan residues. 

Electroactive labeling of DNA and PNA by osmium tetroxide complexes

The labeling reaction can be performed in any biochemical or biological laboratory without any special requirements for equipment or expertise.

Further results