Prof. Jiři Šponer has been awarded Praemium Academiae

Scientist from our Institute, prof. Jiri Sponer, has been awarded on 25th June 2014 in Academy of Sciences at Prague by president of the Academy of Sciences, prof. Jiri Drahos, prestigious Praemium Academiae.

Mgr. Michaela Pekarová, Ph.D. převzala Prémii Otto Wichterleho

New publications

Trajectories and nuclear arrangement of PML bodies are influenced by A-type lamin deficiency

Stixova, L., Matula, P., Kozubek, S., Gombitova, A., Cmarko, D., Raska, I., Bartova, E.

Replacement of a Thiourea with an Amidine Group in a Monofunctional Platinum-Acridine Antitumor Agent. Effect on DNA Interactions, DNA Adduct Recognition and Repair

Kostrhunova, H., Malina, J., Pickard, AJ., Stepankova, J., Vojtiskova, M., Kasparkova, J., Muchova, T., Rohlfing, ML., Bierbach, U., Brabec, V.

Role of histamine receptors in the effects of histamine on the production of reactive oxygen species by whole blood phagocytes

Vasicek, O., Lojek, A., Jancinova, V., Nosal, R., Ciz, M.
Further publications

Selected results

Plant Genetics in Brno

Unfolding/denaturation and aggregation of proteins viewed by electrochemical methods

Pioneering work of the group headed by prof. E. Paleček in the field of electrochemical analysis of proteins based on their electrocatalytic activity giving rise to “peak H”.

Mechanisms of DNA binding by tumor suppressor protein p53

Recognition of specific binding sites in DNA by the tumor suppressor protein p53 is given not only by nucleotide sequence of the binding site, but also by local and global DNA structure.

Further results