A special issue of Monatshefte für Chemie devoted to conferences co-organized by the Instittute of Biophysics in 2014

BFÚ spolupořádá mezinárodní konferenci

XXXV. Moderní elektrochemické metody

New publications

A Broad Phylogenetic Survey Unveils the Diversity and Evolution of Telomeres in Eukaryotes

Fulneckova, J., Sevcikova, T., Fajkus, J., Lukesova, A., Lukes, M., Vlcek, C., Lang, BF., Kim, E., Elias, M., Sykorova, E.

The stability of DNA intrastrand cross-links of antitumor transplatin derivative containing non-bulky methylamine ligands

Frybortova, M., Novakova, O., Brabec, V.

Redox state of p63 and p73 core domains regulates sequence-specific DNA binding

Tichy, V., Navratilova, L., Adamik, M., Fojta, M., Brazdova, M.
Further publications

Selected results

Novel strategies of labeled nucleic acids construction and their application in electrochemical DNA sensing

Collaboration with the group of M. Hocek at the IOCB ASCR in Prague resulted in development of novel facile techniques of enzymatic construction of modified nucleic acids.

Detecting DNA damage and monitoring of enzymatic DNA processing by electrochemical methods

Electrochemical approaches have been applied to detect specific nucleobase lesions and to design fast techniques for the monitoring of DNA-processing enzymes activity.

Mechanisms of DNA binding by tumor suppressor protein p53

Recognition of specific binding sites in DNA by the tumor suppressor protein p53 is given not only by nucleotide sequence of the binding site, but also by local and global DNA structure.

Further results