A special issue of Monatshefte für Chemie devoted to conferences co-organized by the Instittute of Biophysics in 2014

BFÚ spolupořádá mezinárodní konferenci

XXXV. Moderní elektrochemické metody

New publications

Preferential binding of p53 tumor suppressor to p21 promoter sites that contain inverted repeats capable of forming cruciform structure

Coufal, J., Jagelska, EB., Liao, JCC., Brazda, V.

Methylation of plant telomeric DNA: what do the results say?

Majerova, E., Fojtova, M., Mandakova, T., Fajkus, J.

Ribosomal RNA genes evolution in Tragopogon: A story of New and Old World allotetraploids and the synthetic lines

Malinska, H., Tate, JA., Mavrodiev, E., Matyasek, R., Lim, KY., Leitch, AR., Soltis, DE., Soltis, PS., Kovarik, A.
Further publications

Selected results

Electroactive labeling of DNA and PNA by osmium tetroxide complexes

The labeling reaction can be performed in any biochemical or biological laboratory without any special requirements for equipment or expertise.

Unfolding/denaturation and aggregation of proteins viewed by electrochemical methods

Pioneering work of the group headed by prof. E. Paleček in the field of electrochemical analysis of proteins based on their electrocatalytic activity giving rise to “peak H”.

Novel strategies of labeled nucleic acids construction and their application in electrochemical DNA sensing

Collaboration with the group of M. Hocek at the IOCB ASCR in Prague resulted in development of novel facile techniques of enzymatic construction of modified nucleic acids.

Further results