The Czech Head Award received scientist from our Institute, prof. Emil Palecek

The most prestigious award for czech scientists, the Czech Head Award received our colleague, prof. Emil Palecek. Prof. E. Palecek discovered electrochemical properties of nucleic acids, which lead to a new field of science followe at present time by hundreds of teams around the world.

Den otevřených dveří 7. 11. 2014

Selected results

Plant Genetics in Brno

Novel strategies of labeled nucleic acids construction and their application in electrochemical DNA sensing

Collaboration with the group of M. Hocek at the IOCB ASCR in Prague resulted in development of novel facile techniques of enzymatic construction of modified nucleic acids.

Osmium tetroxide, 2,2'-bipyridine (Os,bipy): Electroactive marker for probing accessibility of tryptophan residues in proteins.

Os,bipy forms at physiological conditions electroactive covalent adducts with tryptophan residues. 

Further results