Platinum(IV) complex with adamantylamine as nonleaving amine group: Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro antitumor activity against a panel of cisplatin-resistant cancer cell lines

Publikace: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 47, 761-763 Autoři: Zak, F., Turanek, J., Kroutil, A., Sova, P., Mistr, A., Poulova, A., Mikolin, P., Zak, Z., Kasna, A., Zaluska, D., Neca, J., Sindlerova, L., Kozubik, A. Rok: 2004


Procedure of the synthesis is described for new platinum(IV) drug LA-12 [(OC-6-43)-bis-(acetato)(1-adamantylamine)amminedichloroplatinum(IV)]. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the structure is created by molecules with octahedral arrangement of ligands around a platinum atom and contains one H2O molecule that is not a part of the coordination sphere of platinum. This new drug is more reactive with glutathione than cisplatin and is lacking cross-resistance with cisplatin as proven on the panel of cancer cell lines.