Effects of ELF-EMF on Brain Proteins in Mice

Publikace: ELECTROMAGNETIC BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 28, 96-104 Autoři: Strasak, L., Bartova, E., Krejci, J., Fojt, L., Vetterl, V. Rok: 2009


Effect of electromagnetic low frequency fields was studied on mice. We analyzed level of protein in brain of mouse. The levels of c-Jun and c-Fos in brains were measured using Western-blot techniques. Female and male laboratory mice were exposed for 4 days to magnetic field (Bm = 2 mT, f = 50 Hz). The exposure took place in cylindrical coil at laboratory temperature. After the experiment they were sacrificed and the level of protein c-Jun and c-Fos in different parts of brain were estimated. The expression of c-Fos was not affected by magnetic field on the other hand the expression of c-Jun decreased after magnetic field exposure. The results did not depend on sex of mice.