Semester courses of DMCC

UniversityTitle of the lecture
Stanislav Kozubek, Eva BártováMasaryk University, Brno
Molecular Physiology of the Genome
Stanislav Kozubek, Martin FalkMasaryk University, Brno
Radiation Biophysics

The most important projects and collaboration of DMCC with universities

  1. LC535, Center of Basic Research: Structure of the cell nucleus in normal and pathological conditions, coordinator I. Raška, investigator, S. Kozubek (IBP AS CR), Kyra Michalova (FM UK), Michal Kozubek (FI MU), 2 joint publications
  2. LC06027, Center of Basic Research: Monoclonal gamapathy and multiple myeloma, coordinator R. Hájek, investigator E. Bártová (IBP AS CR)
  3. Other collaboration: P. Matula, analysis of confocal images (5 joint publications)