Group of the Structure and Function of the Cell Nucleus

Group leader: Assoc. prof.Eva Bártová, Ph.D.

E-mail:; Tel.: +420 5 41517141



Department of Molecular Cytology and Cytometry is interested in the studies of the structures and processes in the cell nucleus. We are focused on nuclear structures which are involved in transcription or DNA repair. Another field of our research is the study of epigenetic events of the cell nucleus, especially we aimed at post-translation modifications of histones (PTMs). We study regulatory role of PTMs of histones in ribosomal genes and we are interested in histone code changes after the cell treatment by inhibitors of enzymes that mediate histone signature, including methylation or acetylation. We investigate nuclear processes by the use of molecular biology or proteomics techniques. In addition, high resolution confocal microscopy, combined with GFP technique, enables us to investigate processes in living cells; for example during cell differentiation. Main part of our research we dedicate to DNA repair studies after living cell exposure to UVA or gamma-radiation. Using UV lasers we are able to induce DNA lesions in selected area of the genome (see image), therefore, we are able to observe proteins or protein complexes which recognize locally induced DNA lesions. 


Scientists:                          Postgradual students:                  Pregradual students:

doc. RNDr. Eva Bártová, Ph.D.            Mgr. Jana Suchánková       

Mgr. Andrea Horáková, Ph.D.              Mgr. Alena Svobodová-Kovaříková

Mgr. Denisa Komůrková, Ph.D. 

Mgr. Jana Krejčí, Ph.D.                                         

Mgr.  Soňa Legartová, Ph.D.  

Mgr. Lenka Stixová, Ph.D.                



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