Ribozyme Activity of RNA Nonenzymatically Polymerized from 3 ',5 '-Cyclic GMP

Časopis: ENTROPY 15, 5362-5383
Autoři: Pino, S., Costanzo, G., Giorgi, A., Sponer, J., Sponer, JE., Di Mauro, E.
Rok: 2013


3',5'-Cyclic GMP spontaneously nonenzymatically polymerizes in a base-catalyzed reaction affording G oligonucleotides. When reacted with fully or partially sequence-complementary RNA (oligo C), the abiotically generated oligo G RNA displays a typical ribozyme activity consisting of terminal ligation accompanied by cleavage of an internal phosphate site of the donor oligonucleotide stem upon attack of the acceptor 3' terminal OH. This reaction is dubbed Ligation following Intermolecular Cleavage (LIC). In a prebiotic perspective, the ability of oligo G polynucleotides to react with other sequences outlines a simple and possible evolutionary scenario based on the autocatalytic properties of RNA.