Comparison of the bioluminescence of Photorhabdus species and subspecies type strains

Časopis: FOLIA MICROBIOLOGICA 49, 539-542
Autoři: Hyrsl, P., Ciz, M., Lojek, A.
Rok: 2004


Natural bioluminescence of all recently accepted Photorhabdus species and subspecies type strains (bacterial symbionts of entomopathogenic nematodes) was measured using a commercial luminometer; optimum conditions for the measurement were described. Cultures emitted reliably measurable bioluminescence with characteristic level and kinetics for each strain. Bioluminescence of all strains was significantly higher at 37 than at 25 degreesC at the beginning of the measurement, no effect of bacterial concentration on the intensity of bioluminescence was observed. The technique can provide reliable and quick information for the determination of Photorhabdus taxons.