Nuclear apoptotic volume decrease in individual cells: Confocal microscopy imaging and kinetic modeling.

Časopis: J Theor Biol
Autoři: Khalo IV, Konokhova AI, Orlova DY, Trusov KV, Yurkin MA, Bartova E, Kozubek S, Maltsev VP, Chernyshev AV.
Rok: 2018


The dynamics of nuclear morphology changes during apoptosis remains poorly investigated and understood. Using 3D time-lapse confocal microscopy we performed a study of early-stage apoptotic nuclear morphological changes induced by etoposide in single living HepG2 cells. These observations provide a definitive evidence that nuclear apoptotic volume decrease (AVD) is occurring simultaneously with peripheral chromatin condensation (so called "apoptotic ring"). In order to describe quantitatively the dynamics of nuclear morphological changes in the early stage of apoptosis we suggest a general molecular kinetic model, which fits well the obtained experimental data in our study. Results of this work may clarify molecular mechanisms of nuclear morphology changes during apoptosis.