Nuclear Structures Surrounding Internal Lamin Invaginations

Autoři: Legartova, S., Stixova, L., Laur, O., Kozubek, S., Sehnalova, P., Bartova, E.
Rok: 2014


A- and C-type lamins are intermediate filament proteins responsible for the maintenance of nuclear shape and most likely nuclear architecture. Here, we propose that pronounced invaginations of A/C-type lamins into the nuclear interior represent channels for the transport of regulatory molecules to and from nuclear and nucleolar regions. Using fluorescent protein technology and immunofluorescence, we show that A-type lamin channels interact with several nuclear components, including fibrillarin- and UBF-positive regions of nucleoli, foci of heterochromatin protein 1 , polycomb group bodies, and genomic regions associated with DNA repair. Similar associations were observed between A/C-type lamin channels and nuclear pores, lamin-associated protein LAP2, and promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies. Interestingly, regions with high levels of A/C-type lamins had low levels of B-type lamins, and vice versa. These characteristics were observed in primary and immortalized mouse embryonic fibroblasts as well as human and mouse embryonic stem cell colonies exhibiting stem cell-specific lamin positivity. Our findings indicate that internal channels formed by nuclear lamins likely contribute to normal cellular processes through association with various nuclear and nucleolar structures. J. Cell. Biochem. 115: 476-487, 2014. (c) 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.