Nuclear organization of PML bodies in leukaemic and multiple myeloma cells

Časopis: LEUKEMIA RESEARCH 32, 1866-1877
Autoři: Krejci, J., Harnicarova, A., Kurova, J., Uhlirova, R., Kozubek, S., Legartova, S., Hajek, R., Bartova, E.
Rok: 2008


The nuclear arrangement of promyelocytic leukaemia nuclear bodies (PML NBs) was studied in vitro after the cell treatment by clinically used agents such as all-trans retinoic acid (RA) in human leukaemia and cytostatics or gamma radiation in multiple myeloma cells. In addition, the influence of phorbol ester (PMA) on PML NBs formation was analyzed. A reduced number of PML bodies, which led to relocation of PML NBs closer to the nuclear interior, mostly accompanied RA- and PMA-induced differentiation. Centrally located PML NBs were associated with transcriptional protein RNAP 11 and SC35 regions, which support importance of PML NBs in RNA processing that mostly proceeds within the nuclear interior. Conversely, the quantity of PML NBs was increased after cytostatic treatment, which caused re-distribution of PML NBs closer to the nuclear envelope. Here we showed correlations between the number of PML NBs and average Centre-to-PML distances. Moreover, a number of cells in S phase, especially during differentiation, influenced number of PML NBs. Studying the proteins involved in PML compartment, such as c-MYC, cell-type specific association of c-MYC and the PML NBs was observed in selected leukaemic cells undergoing differentiation, which was accompanied by c-MYC down-regulation. (C) 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.