Hemopoiesis-stimulating action of adamantylamide dipeptide: Kinetics of increase of GM-CFC in femur and co-stimulating activity of serum, role of bone marrow stromal cells

Autoři: Vacek, A., Hofer, M., Weiterova, L., Hoferova, Z., Pipalova, I., Masek, K.
Rok: 2001


Chief part of hemopoietic stromal cells in mediating hemopoiesis-stimulating effects of adamantylamide dipeptide (AdDP), a synthetic immunomodulatory compound, has been determined in a series of combined in vivo/in vitro studies. Indirect stimulatory effect of AdDP on proliferation of hemopoietic progenitor cells, for granulocytes and macrophages (GM-CFC) was proved to be mediated by the cells of hemopoietic microenvironment growing as adherent stromal cell populations in vitro. These results supplement previously reported findings of a positive role which is played by AdDP at modulating the interplay among stimulatory cytokines and their cellular sources, and are in consent with the idea to introduce AdDP as a constituent of the hemopoiesis- and immunity-stimulating supportive medical care.