Radioprotective action of extracellular adenosine on bone marrow cells in mice exposed to gamma rays as assayed by the micronucleus test

Časopis: RADIATION RESEARCH 154, 217-221
Autoři: Hofer, M., Mazur, L., Pospisil, M., Weiterova, L., Znojil, V.
Rok: 2000


The frequency of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (PCEs) in mouse bone marrow was assessed after administration of dipyridamole and/or adenosine monophosphate (AMP) to nonirradiated mice or to mice irradiated 15 min later with a sublethal dose of 6.5 Gy gamma rays. In nonirradiated mice, the administration of the drugs increased the frequency of micronucleated PCEs significantly (by 108%). In contrast, in irradiated mice, the number of radiation-induced micronucleated PCEs was significantly decreased if the mice had been pretreated with dipyridamole or AMP alone (by 24% after administration of each of the compounds) and in particular after administration of the drugs in combination (by 36%). (C) 2000 by Radiation Research Society.