Intranuclear trafficking of plasmid DNA is mediated by nuclear polymeric proteins lamins and actin

Autoři: Ondrej, V., Lukasova, E., Krejci, J., Kozubek, S.
Rok: 2008


Functions of nuclear polymeric proteins such as lamin A/C and actin in transport of plasmid DNA were studied. The results show that the lamina plays an important role in plasmid DNA's entry into the cell nucleus from the cytoplasm. Selective disruption of lamin A/C led to a halt in plasmid DNA transport through the nuclear envelope. Inside the nucleus, plasmid DNA was frequently localized at sites with impaired genome integrity, such as DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), occurring spontaneously or induced by ionizing radiation. Polymeric actin obviously participates in nuclear transport of plasmid DNA, since inhibition of actin polymerization by latrunculin B disturbed plasmid transport inside the cell nucleus. In addition, precluding of actin polymerization inhibited plasmid co-localization with newly induced DSBs. These findings indicate the crucial role of polymeric actin in intranuclear plasmid transport.