Effect of adenosine on the growth of human T-lymphocyte leukemia cell line MOLT-4

Časopis: CANCER INVESTIGATION 25, 419-426
Autoři: Streitova, D., Weiterova, L., Hofer, M., Hola, J., Horvath, V., Kozubik, A., Znojil, V.
Rok: 2007


Adenosine has been observed to suppress the growth of MOLT-4 human leukemia cells in vitro. Changes in the cell cycle, especially increased percentage of cells in S phase, prolonged generation time, and induction of apoptosis at higher adenosine concentrations have been found to be responsible for the growth suppression. Dipyridamole, a drug inhibiting the cellular uptake of adenosine, reversed partially but significantly the adenosine-induced growth suppression. It follows from these results that the action of adenosine on the MOLT-4 cells comprises its cellular uptake and intracellular operation. These findings present new data on anticancer efficacy of adenosine.