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22.5. 2007

intro - Karel Souček

1. Craft, C. S., Romero, D., Vary, C. P. H., and Bergan, R. C. Endoglin inhibits prostate cancer motility via activation of the ALK2-Smad1 pathway. Oncogene, 2007.

15.5. 2007

intro - Eva Lincová

Bryja, V., Gradl, D., Schambony, A., Arenas, E., and Schulte, G. beta-Arrestin is a necessary component of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in vitro and in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104: 6690-6695, 2007.

14.5. 2007

intro - Karel Souček (EN)

Pang, R.-P., Zhou, J.-G., Zeng, Z.-R., Li, X.-Y., Chen, W., Chen, M.-H., and Hu, P.-J. Celecoxib induces apoptosis in COX-2 deficient human gastric cancer cells through Akt/GSK3[beta]/NAG-1 pathway. Cancer Letters, 251: 268-277, 2007.

10.5. 2007

intro - Andrea Staršíchová

Gupta, G. P., Nguyen, D. X., Chiang, A. C., Bos, P. D., Kim, J. Y., Nadal, C., Gomis, R. R., Manova-Todorova, K., and Massague, J. Mediators of vascular remodelling co-opted for sequential steps in lung metastasis. Nature, 446: 765-770, 2007.

3.5. 2007

intro - Eva Lincová (EN)

Westendorf, J. J. and Hoeppner, L. Intrinsic apoptotic and thioredoxin pathways in human prostate cancer cell response to histone deacetylase inhibitor Xu W, Ngo L, Perez G, Dokmanovic M, Marks PA, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY. Urol Oncol, 25: 180, 2007.

24.4. 2007

intro - Zuzana Pernicová

Kim, Y. H. and Lee, Y. J. TRAIL apoptosis is enhanced by quercetin through Akt dephosphorylation. J Cell Biochem, 100: 998-1009, 2007.

17.4. 2007

intro - Olga Blanářová

Reinhardt, H. C., Aslanian, A. S., Lees, J. A., and Yaffe, M. B. p53-deficient cells rely on ATM- and ATR-mediated checkpoint signaling through the p38MAPK/MK2 pathway for survival after DNA damage. Cancer Cell, 11: 175-189, 2007.

16.4. 2007

intro - Jiřina Procházková (EN)

10.4. 2007

intro - Alena Vaculová

3.4. 2007

intro - Martina Hýžďalová

Shi, Q., Bao, S., Song, L., Wu, Q., Bigner, D. D., Hjelmeland, A. B., and Rich, J. N. Targeting SPARC expression decreases glioma cellular survival and invasion associated with reduced activities of FAK and ILK kinases. Oncogene, 2007.

2.4. 2007

intro - Alena Vaculová (EN)

Wang, J., Kuropatwinski, K., Hauser, J., Rossi, M. R., Zhou, Y., Conway, A., Kan, J. L., Gibson, N. W., Willson, J. K., Cowell, J. K., and Brattain, M. G. Colon carcinoma cells harboring PIK3CA mutations display resistance to growth factor deprivation induced apoptosis. Mol Cancer Ther, 6: 1143-1150, 2007.

27. 3. 2007

intro - Jiřina Procházková

Zins, K., Abraham, D., Sioud, M., and Aharinejad, S. Colon cancer cell-derived tumor necrosis factor-alpha mediates the tumor growth-promoting response in macrophages by up-regulating the colony-stimulating factor-1 pathway. Cancer Res, 67: 1038-1045, 2007.

20. 3. 2007

intro - Lenka Stixová

Ramjaun, A. R., Tomlinson, S., Eddaoudi, A., and Downward, J. Upregulation of two BH3-only proteins, Bmf and Bim, during TGF beta-induced apoptosis. Oncogene, 26: 970-981, 2007.

13. 3. 2007

intro - Karel Souček

Heron-Milhavet, L., Franckhauser, C., Rana, V., Berthenet, C., Fisher, D., Hemmings, B. A., Fernandez, A., and Lamb, N. J. C. Only Akt1 Is Required for Proliferation, while Akt2 Promotes Cell Cycle Exit through p21 Binding. Mol. Cell. Biol., 26: 8267-8280, 2006.

6. 3. 2007

intro - Eva Lincová

Qiu, T., Grizzle, W. E., Oelschlager, D. K., Shen, X., and Cao, X. Control of prostate cell growth: BMP antagonizes androgen mitogenic activity with incorporation of MAPK signals in Smad1. Embo J, 26: 346-357, 2007.

27.2. 2007

intro - Andrea Staršíchová

Shiou, S. R., Singh, A. B., Moorthy, K., Datta, P. K., Washington, M. K., Beauchamp, R. D., and Dhawan, P. Smad4 regulates claudin-1 expression in a transforming growth factor-beta-independent manner in colon cancer cells. Cancer Res, 67: 1571-1579, 2007.

20.2. 2007

intro - Zuzana Pernicová

Wu, C. and Huang, J. Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase-AKT-Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Pathway Is Essential for Neuroendocrine Differentiation of Prostate Cancer. J. Biol. Chem., 282: 3571-3583, 2007.

13.2. 2007

intro - Olga Blanářová

Iyer, N. G., Xian, J., Chin, S. F., Bannister, A. J., Daigo, Y., Aparicio, S., Kouzarides, T., and Caldas, C. p300 is required for orderly G1/S transition in human cancer cells. Oncogene, 26: 21-29, 2007.

6.2. 2007

intro - Alena Vaculová

Adams, K. W. and Cooper, G. M. Rapid turnover of MCL-1 couples translation to cell survival and apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem.: M610643200, 2007.

30.1. 2007

intro - Martina Hýžďalová

Taglia, L., Matusiak, D., Matkowskyj, K. A., and Benya, R. V. Gastrin-releasing peptide mediates its morphogenic properties in human colon cancer by upregulating intracellular adhesion protein-1 (ICAM-1) via focal adhesion kinase. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 292: G182-190, 2007.

23.1. 2007

intro - Jiřina Procházková

Yan, B., Wang, H., Li, F., and Li, C. Y. Regulation of mammalian horizontal gene transfer by apoptotic DNA fragmentation. Br J Cancer, 95: 1696-1700, 2006.

16.1. 2007

intro - Lenka Stixová

Hu, J. H., Chen, T., Zhuang, Z. H., Kong, L., Yu, M. C., Liu, Y., Zang, J. W., and Ge, B. X. Feedback control of MKP-1 expression by p38. Cell Signal, 19: 393-400, 2007.

9.1. 2007

intro - Karel Souček

Yang, S., Lim, M., Pham, L. K., Kendall, S. E., Reddi, A. H., Altieri, D. C., and Roy-Burman, P. Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 Protects Prostate Cancer Cells from Stress-Induced Apoptosis via Both Smad and c-Jun NH2-Terminal Kinase Pathways. Cancer Res, 66: 4285-4290, 2006.

2.1. 2007

intro - Eva Lincová

Zhang, S., Ekman, M., Thakur, N., Bu, S., Davoodpour, P., Grimsby, S., Tagami, S., Heldin, C. H., and Landstrom, M. TGFbeta1-induced activation of ATM and p53 mediates apoptosis in a Smad7-dependent manner. Cell Cycle, 5: 2787-2795, 2006.