Electrochemical DNA Detection Based on the Polyhedral Boron Cluster Label

Časopis: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 81, 840-844
Autoři: Jelen, F., Olejniczak, AB., Kourilova, A., Lesnikowski, ZJ., Palecek, E.
Rok: 2009


Polyhedral boron clusters are proposed as new, chemically and biologically stable, versatile redox labels for electrochemical DNA hybridization sensors. Selective and sensitive detection of the redox labeled DNA-probe was achieved by means of covalently attached electroactive marker 7,8-dicarba-nido-undekaborate group. A nanomolar concentration of boron cluster-labeled DNA was recognized. High specificity of the analysis with the boron cluster-labeled DNA probe, including detection of single-base mismatch, was demonstrated. The above findings, together with proposed earlier use of metallacarboranes as an electrochemical label for biomolecules opens the door for a "multicolor" electrochemical coding of DNA with boron clusters and simultaneous detection of several DNA targets.