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Projects solved by the CIT:

  • 2016 vmware upgrade
    The vmware virtualization infrastructure was upgraded from 5.x to 6.x including new hardware for ESXi servers.
  • 2015 WEB server
    There was installed a new web server and web pages of the IBP were transferred to it.
  • 2015 MAIL
    There was installed a new POP/IMAP server and mailboxes were transferred from MBOX to MAILDIR format. This new mailbox format enables to backup mailboxes of higher capacity.
  • 2015 Disk array for vmware
    The new disk array for server virtualization was installed.
  • 2014 EDUROAM extension
    There was added new access points to the EDUROAM network to extend the area covered by EDUROAM signal.
  • 2013 Virtualization
    The vSphere Data Protection server was installed to backup IBP servers in vmware virtual machines. This kind of backup efficiently utilizes disk space due to deduplication.
  • 2012 IPv6
    There was resolved project “Implementation of IPv6 protocol in networks of institutes of the AS CR Brno” (FR 368R1/2010). IBP now has its IPv6 address space - 2001:67c:1222:0000::/56. Network components was configured to manage IPv6 traffic and servers configuration was changed to work on IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Main network services of IBP (DNS, mail, web and samba in LAN) are now accessible over IPv6 protocol, the IPv6 to IPv4 tunneling is under control. IPv6 network activities are monitored in the same way as IPv4 activities by NetFlow.
  • 2011 Data storage
    In the 2011 there was installed a new fileserver with disk array and tape library. The fileserver is used as the secure data storage available to all scientist of the IBP. Disk array is connected redundantly to a pair of fiber channel switches and so it is accessible to all servers connected to fiber channel network. A backup software was installed and user data are regularly copied to tapes in tape library connected through fiber channel.
  • 2010 Central switch upgrade
    There was installed a new central switch in the IBP computer network. Connection of the IBP LAN to Brno academic backbone network was upgraded from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps and the LAN topology was readjusted to the new switch. The new central switch is prepared for IPv6 implementation. Computer with IBP mailserver, nameserver and webserver was reinstalled in a virtual machine. A new design of web pages was implemented.
  • 2009 EDUROAM
    There were installed three WiFi Acces Points. They were connected to the EDUROAM network. User acces to the EDUROAM network is managed by RADIUS server installed in a virtual machine.
  • 2008 Virtualization
    Testing of server virtualization was started. There were installed two VMware ESX servers and some physical severs were converted to virtual machines. After successful testing, virtual servers are used in production.
  • 2007 Web tools
    There was added a new part of reservation system - a web based tool for booking rooms in the IBP lodging house.
  • 2006 Redesign of the web server of the IBP.
  • 2005 Instalation of IBP central fileserver.
    There was installed a central fileserver with 6.8 TB disk space (RAID 5) and a tape library equipped with two Ultrium960 tape drives. Each night data from disk arrays are backed up to magnetic tapes. This fileserver is used by scientist as the safe data storage.
  • 2005 Reconstruction of Central RACK of the IBP LAN.
    There was redesigned central RACK of IBP LAN to be able to increase the number of equipment connected to computer and telephone network. All cabling was reconnected to the new RACK with higher capacity.
  • 2004 IP telephony instalation.
    A voice IP router was configured and connected to IBP exchange to be able to use Internet connection for voice communication.
  • 2003 E-mail protection against spam and viruses.
    New system of e-mail protection was build. Dangerous attachments are renamed, so that they cannot be run automatically on PC without user knowledge, e-mail is monitored by virus scanner and antispam software.
  • 2002 Installation of a new exchange.
    New exchange with connected GSM gates was installed to be able to extend telephone network of the IBP to new built laboratories. GSM gates enable easy access to mobile telephoning.
  • 2002 Connection of the IBP LAN to Internet using Gigabit Ethernet technology.
    There was installed a gigabit switch to connect Local Area Network of the IBP to the Internet. There was applied firewalling rules to protect IBP LAN.
  • 2001 UNESCO Grant - Accessibility of biological databases for academic community in the Czech Republic through the National Node of the ICCBnet (International Center for Cooperation in Bioinformatics network), Czech Republic.
    From the UNESCO grant there was bought a disk array for the database server of the National Node of the ICCBnet and there was extended software license of Wisconsin Package.
  • 1998-2000 Grant of the Ministry of Education of the CR - Program of research and development "Promotion of information infrastructure for research and development" LB98210: Creation of a national node of the ICCBnet (International Center for Cooperation in Bioinforma tics network) and providing access to selected international databases for users from Academy of Sciences of the CR and from Czech universities.
    ICCBnet (International Center for Cooperation in Bioinformatics network) has been established in the 1997 as an equivalent of EMBnet for countries, that are only building their bioinformatics base. In the IBP the project has established the National Node of the ICCB net in the Czech Republic. There has been installed SGI Origin 200 server, connected by the ATM 155 Mbps technology to the Brno Academic Computer Network. The National Node started to serve local mirror of Protein Data Bank (PDB) to users in Central and East Europe through the Internet (structural data of proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes). In addition the Node serves Wisconsin GCG Package, a database collection (GenBank, EMBL, PIR, SWISS-PROT, ...) of sequences of genomes, nucleic acids and proteins. Databases are provided with about 150 computer programmes - comprehensive software tools for database searching and sequence comparison, fragment assembly, mapping and gene finding, evolutionary analysis, primer selection, protein analysis, and nucleic acid secondary structure prediction. The GCG Package is accessible to about 160 academic users (Academy of Sciences and universities) in the Czech Republic.
  • 1997 Grant for support of instrumentation of progressive scientific fields AS CR: Project AV ČR P2-004-701/03-007 - Connection of the IBP to the Brno academic computer network using ATM technology and succeeding development of computer services.
    The project enabled to finish connection of the Centilion 100, and so the local area network of the IBP, to Brno Academic Computer Network using ATM 155 Mbps technology. Centilion 100 have been equipped with four 100 Mbps ports, that have been used to connect serve rs and powerful workstations to the LAN. As an example can serve the connection of the library server for South Moravia part of Academy of Sciences of the CR (project LINCA Plus).
  • 1996-1997 Grant of the Ministry of Education of the CR - program TEN 34 CZ ID96028: SGI Indy as a graphic terminal to a Power Challenge computer - modelling of properties of biomacromolecules on a remote supercomputer.
    There has been bought and installed a new central active component of the IBP LAN - ATM Switch Centilion 100 produced by Nortel Networks (formerly Bay Networks). This switch helped to create fast connection of the IBP LAN to the Brno computer backbone and to the Int ernet. The SGI Indy workstation has been connected by ATM 155 Mbps technology to the supercomputer at the Masaryk University and it is used to modelling of properties of biomacromolecules.
  • 1996-1997 Purpose grant AS CR: Build up Structured Network Cabling System in the IBP.
    In the whole mall of the IBP have been build up the structured network cabling system for computer and telephone network. The system used corresponds to the current world standards and in the future enables next extension of computer network bandwidth.
  • 1994-1995 Purpose grant AS CR: Connection of the IBP to the Brno Academic Computer Network (BACN) using fiber optics.
    IBP and IIT realised installation of optic fibres to the closest BACN node in the locality Technická 2 (Technical university). Optical connection has been used to connect LAN's of both institutes to the Brno computer network backbone.
  • 1992 Connection of the IBP LAN to Internet.
  • 1991 Connection of the IBP Local Area Network to BITNET.