Gold Nanoparticles for High Resolution Imaging in Modern Immunocytochemistry

Publikace: INTRACELLULAR DELIVERY II: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS 7, 189-206 Autoři: Schrofel, A., Cmarko, D., Bartova, E., Raska, I. Rok: 2014


This perspective presents the possibilities for utilization of gold nanoparticles in immunocytochemistry. The unique combination of gold nanoparticle properties is just beginning to be fully recognized for the range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The current findings from bionanotechnology and emerging cryo-electron microscopy techniques can lead to novel perspectives for targeted delivery of gold conjugates into cells and tissues. The chapter offers a survey of modern electron microscopy methods with a special focus on immunolabeling. We also discuss the impact of gold nanoparticles on cellular systems and the potential possibilities for their targeted delivery into cells and tissues.