Hematopoiesis-Stimulating and anti-tumor effects of repeated administration of diclofenac in mice with transplanted fibrosarcoma cells

Publikace: PHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH 51, 629-632 Autoři: Hofer, A., Hoferova, Z., Fedorocko, P., Mackova, NO. Rok: 2002


Positive effects of repeated administration of diclofenac, an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis, in terms of prevention of tumor development and stimulation of hematopoiesis have been observed in C3H mice transplanted subcutaneously with G:5:113 fibrosarcoma cells. Fourteen-day. treatment with diclofenac (3.75 mug/kg/day) started from day 5 after tumor cell transplantation. Measurements of tumors and hematological examinations were performed on day 30. The results strongly suggest the possibility that inhibitors of prostaglandin synthesis (non-steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs) may be used in oncological practice where the observed effects are highly desirable.