The role of actin and microtubule networks in plasmid DNA intracellular trafficking

Publikace: ACTA BIOCHIMICA POLONICA 54, 657-663 Autoři: Ondrej, V., Lukasova, E., Falk, M., Kozubek, S. Rok: 2007


This work is focused on the function of the microtubule and actin networks in plasmid DNA transport during liposomal transfection. We observed strong binding of plasmid DNA-lipid complexes (lipoplexes) to both networks and directional long-range motion of these lipoplexes along the microtubules. Disruption of either of these networks led to the cessation of plasmid transport to the nucleus, a decreased mobility of plasmids, and accumulation of plasmid DNA in large aggregates at the cell periphery. Our findings show an indispensable but different role of both types of cytoskeleton, actin and microtubular, in the processes of gene delivery.